About Me

Lunar eclipse mask by moy sutherland jr

My Background

Moy is a tlaoquiaht artist from the village of masayaht in Tofino BC. Moy has been a professional artist since 1994


My Medium

Moy uses many different mediums, such as wood, metal, stone. Moy believes that working in a single medium is restrictive to his artistic process. Although Moy is always very mindful of staying within the traditional rules and values of his culture, he strives to find ways to set himself apart from other artists.

3 foot by 5 foot canvas painting by Moy Sutherland Jr

Artists Quote

“For me, the meaning of life is to learn of and understand my cultural surroundings, so that this knowledge can be preserved and used in everyday life. Like our elders before us passed this knowledge on, so must we to our descendants. In this manner, respect becomes an integral part of life, respect for everything. I draw my knowledge and inspiration from the teachings of those whom I respect, and I incorporate these into everything I do."